#PastPathetic, ugly, disgustingJust a few things people sayEveryone tells you to be strongTo ignore themBut they have no idea how hard that is,Do they?Your self esteem keeps getting lower and lowerIt just drops with every insult, every wordSoon it has been damaged so muchThat when you look at yourself in the mirrorAll you can think of is those horrible commentsEach day the more you believe themYour confidence, is replaced by insecurityInsecurity about who you are and what you do,You start to insult yourself about everythingAnd soon enough, you become your own worst enemy.Still, your tormentors are relentlessNot noticing or caring about how broken, damaged you areYou are shattered into millions of tiny little pieces,We are not like Humpdy dumpdyWe can’t always be put back together againPieces of us get lost, never to be seen agai

Some parts are too damaged to ever become one, like before.
We try to forgive and forget
But those memories haunt us
As hard as we try to piece ourselves back together again
In our hearts we know it can’t be done

Now those experiences remain in our minds
They become a part of us
A part that we can’t ever get rid of
Ever erase
Because what happens in the past
Can’t ever be changed

Published by Bm

I'm a student. Singing and sketching is my hobby. Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by a change Supporting female for every injustice

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