Lost city(poetry)

I am still

lost in the

last ruins of

this version you built.

I am still

walking around,


with no sense of

direction at all.

And the rain

pours damn hard

in that corner

where we first met,


in the comfort of

crumbling remains, 

 I stayed,   

   lying there like a

crumpled piece of paper

where you once wrote your

lines of poetry on.

I still got them,

tucked into my pockets

like fading rays of sunshines

that cannot stand against

darker skies. 

    I stayed,

not waiting for you to

come back and

rebuild my walls,

but wishing you never left

in the first place.     

           I stayed,

asking myself,

thinking over

and over again,


Why am I the one left

roaming around the grey

when you were the one

haunting me?     

    Why am I the ghost

that is still pinned down

in this map you made up?        

            In the comfort of

crumbling remains,

I stayed.

Maybe because I really

have no sense of direction at all

And you were the city

I’m stuck in………

Published by Bm

I'm a student. Singing and sketching is my hobby. Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by a change Supporting female for every injustice

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