scathing saturn rings (poetry)

Caring scathing saturn rings when you first met me in irem’s garden,i know you had your thoughts about me but they were left unspoken,and if all of heaven knew disappointment, it was in that momentand i don’t know what your forbidding voice did that it got me hoping, it got me hoping,to meet your dragonsContinue reading “scathing saturn rings (poetry)”

▶ windermere library (poetry)

mypoemattice very story narrated in it’s archaic is from a worn out book-shelf of a rustic, old and vintage library. this is the place where my mind keeps all of it’s fantasies from centuries through out time; of an exiled child, the tragedy of losing layla, the yearning for being loved by celestia, meeting someoneContinue reading “▶ windermere library (poetry)”

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