Run away (poetry)

away together.Far away from this life.To a place where no one knows our names yet.And we’ll dance in the darkness of the nights.Camping out in the openIn the light of a fire.We’ll tell each other our hopes.And all of our desires.We’ll own nothing more than we need.Learn what we’re really here for.And I know this sounds scary.But we’ll leave without a plan.And I also know it’ll be alright.As long your holding my hand________________________________________________________________________________I did it.I’m freeI ran away.I know this sounds stupid but I couldn’t take it much longer. Those people were driving me insane. I needed to get away as soon as possible. I don’t know we’re I’m headed to or where I’ll end up. But what I do know is that I’m finally free.I’m currently walking along some random neighborhood that I have no knowledge of. I know this is dangerous but it’s an adventure and I’m honestly excited for it. My life is …

Published by Bm

I'm a student. Singing and sketching is my hobby. Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by a change Supporting female for every injustice

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